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GCK Top Features
  • - No Download Required
  • - Full Content Editor
  • - Indepth Player Management System
  • - Lifetime + Community Support
  • - Monthly or Annual Payments
  • - For Beginners & Experts
  • - Intense Plugin / Module System
  • - Extremely Secure
GCK Capabilities
  • - Build ANY Thing You Want
  • - Scalability on All Fronts
  • - Instant DB and System Backups
  • - Built-in Forums, Email, Community Manager
  • - Super Fast, Sleek Interface
  • - Built-in Revenue & Profit Manager
  • - lightning Fast jQuery and MySQL
Power Inside
Any Game

Quick News:

  • The GCK can be purchased from the Store. Specials all week long!
  • All Support Questions will be answered ASAP, normally 1 hour or less.
  • We are proud to finally launch the GCK this week! Grab your copy today.

Welcome to GCK

If you've ever wanted to build your own Online Game
then this will be the last tool that you'll need.
Packed with Plugin, Skins, Editors and much more!
No downloads, no installation hassles, just you and the
Game Creation Kit.

Why The GCK?

Apart from it being the newest and coolest thing on the market, it also packs a very powerful punch in terms of features, flexability and what it can do (there isn't much it can't do). Finally, a Game Creation Kit for gamers, by gamers. It doesn't get much easier or better than this!

Grow Your Gaming Community

The Game Creation Kit was built on simple concepts; to enable beginners or experts the ability to deploy their own Online Game in a matter of minutes, not weeks or months. The GCK is light-weight, easy to use, and very affordable in today's economy.

The best thing about the GCK is that there are no downloads required. Everything is ran from our servers, taking a huge load off of your hands!

  • Carefuly Designed

    So easy, teens and adults can use it.
    Programming errors are in the past!

  • Clean Code

    No templating or obscure junk here.
    The GCK was built from the ground.

  • Perfect Interface

    Easy to find options and information.

  • Extendable Content

    You can edit anything!
    Text, Colors, NPC's, Items, etc...

  • All In One

    No silly libraries or programs needed.
    Just you and the Game Creation Kit.

  • Excellent Support

    We are gamers too!
    Experienced programmers aboard.