Feature List

The table below lists every feature each version of the GCK comes with, indicated by a check mark (for having it), or a red X (for not being included).

  Lite Basic Advanced
14 Day Money Back
GCK Panel
Creative Control
Content Editor
Skin Editor
Battle Engine
Private Messaging
Plugin / Module System
Bank System
Database / File Backup & Restoration
Community Forums (Message Boards)
Email System
Player Editor
Player Limit* 500 1000 2,000
News / Announcement System
SEO Editor
Plugin / Module System
Free Domain Name
Discounted Hosting
Free Plugin Downloads 1 2 3
Free Skins Downloads 2 3 5
Software Support
Inventory System
FAQ / Custom Rules Editor
Indepth Game Stats
NPC Interaction System
Documented / Clean Code
Item Editor
Free Version Upgrades
Character Class System
Plugin / Module System
Theme Selector
Payment Module Paypal Paypal
Faction / Group System
Player Referral System
Networked Ads**

* The limits can be changed with a fee if needed.
** Network Based Ad System for opted-in games have Ads displayed within + 8th Studio Blog Ad Slots.