• Content Editor

    Content Editor

    Where most other engines fail, this is where we shine. The GCK has a built-in Content Editor, meaning you can edit the text on any page to whatever you want! Using WYSIWYG style editing, it makes life much easier.

  • Plugin System


    The GCK was built to boost game development time, the Plugin System only adds to that fuel. Allowing you to install and activate hundred of plugins, it is the key to giving owners full creative control.

  • Skin Editor

    Another area nearly all game engines fail at is allowing the user to edit and create their own templates (aka skins). The GCK has a built-in Skin Editor which allows you to customizeall visuals in the game.

  • No Downloads

    There are no Downloads required. No software, tools or programs. The Engine runs on a server we maintain for the duration of your subscription.

  • Community Features

    Powerful Community

    A major part of any successful game is its community, the ability to interact and develop amongst one another. With built-in Forums, Chats and Private Messaging it only makes that process more fun and easy.

  • Item Creation

    Something that'll really set your game apart from others is having unique items that players can interact with. We give you the power to create thousand of different items and possibilities.