GCK Engine Indepth

This page contains all of the information regarding the GCK Software. We'll try to refrain from getting too Geeky.

In a Nutshell

The Game Creation Kit is a software the runs on the internet from servers we own. Unlike most 'engines' that exist, the GCK is actually a game in-itself, you could actually run a game without any modifications to the engine itself. Whereas other 'engines' are simply libraries of code that you can install on a server in order to speed up development. Beyond speeding up things, we actually give you the whole 9 yards with stuff already done for you.

Legacy Ideas

We originally intended to release the GCK as a downloadable software, source code and all. But we realized this would go against the Game Creation Kit's philosophy and would make things harder on the users.

The Game Creation Kit is a Game Developer's Dream, it has everything an aspiring or veteran developer could need to get their newest game started. It features both a unique Content Editor as well as a Code Editor (for the more advanced users). The Content Editor (from CKEditor) enables the user to quickly and easily design new pages, edit existing content and implement new controls.

One of it's best features is that there are no downloads required. That's right, we install and configure each engine individually to meet the customer's needs on our private servers. We handle all maintenance issues, upgrades and trouble-shooting from behind the scenes, no more worrying about leaving your players in dark with scripting errors.

A common question we get from potential users is "Why should I use your software?" and the answer is simple, we provide in-house solutions for all customers, we provide one-on-one support, our software is the most advanced in it's category, all the while, it is the cheapest and most affordable on the market. Other companies charge $100 and $200 for just the libraries of their code. Not the Game Creation Kit, we give you full permission to market and monetize your game however you feel. Speaking of Monetizing, the GCK handles SEO setup as well.

Quick Questions

Q: Are there Ads on my game?
A: No, we do not place ads on ANY game..

Q: Can I cancel my Engine Subscription at Any Time?
A: Yes you can. We bill accounts monthly and anually, and can pro-rate cancellation at any point.

Q: Do I keep my Domain Name?
A: Once you have been a paying customer for 6 Months, you may retain your Domain Name should you leave our services.

Q: Do You offer Custom Game Development?
A: Yes, we offer such services to all clients.