GCK Panel Indepth

This page contains all of the information regarding the GCK Panel. It is what you will run, manage, and operate from. It is the core of the GCK Engine.

In Short

The GCK Panel support the game functions, features and how your game appears. It is a Control Panel, by definition, but it's much more than that. It allows you to monitor financial stats, player data, server information and important notices regarding your game. It also controls what plugins are active, and what words appear on your game. It dictates everything.

GCK Fuel

The first concepts of the GCK had us doing a custom language, which would have made things really odd. So we reverted back to something people could relate too.

GCK Consumes:

Every GCK Engine Package comes with it's own GCK Panel. Although they are all designed and function the same way, each 'model' has more options. For example, the Lite version does not come with a skin editor, where the other two do. This is due to us 'removing' some of the more advanced and (possibly) complicated features for those who do not wish to use such functions. However, upgrades to the Panel itself are possible without having to purchase an entire new license.

The GCK and the GCK Panel are all about flexablity as well as scalability and the option to upgrade or downgrade in an instant. It was designed for everyone, beginner or expert. We offer 24/7 access to videos and documents that will aid you in customizing your game and learning how to use the GCK Panel. Which, by the way has a very easy learning curve. Must users are able to easily manipulate all of the features and functions within a few hours.

Quick Questions

Q: Do I have to download or install anything?
A: No, we setup everything that is needed to run the GCK for you from within our own servers.

Q: Are there Ads found in the GCK Panel itself?
A: No

Q: Do I need Javascript enabled?
A: Yes, as many of the features and interface functions use a Javascript Library.

Q: Can I backup my entire game from the GCK Panel?
A: Yes, you are able to backup both your game files, and your database from the GCK. (Note: the Lite Version does not have this feature)