Want to load up your GCK with some cool new toys and features? Not a problem, from the store, we make purchasing and installing new gadgets is as easy as setting up the GCK itself!

About the GCK Store

Simply having the GCK as it is wont get you noticed on the market, you'll need to have some sort of customization to go along with it. Thus, we have create the GCK Store, it is a way of offering plugins, content packages, and skins for a low price to add a little extra to things. Your players will thank you after you shop here!

  • Packages
    Content Packages

    Content Packages are bundles of content for specific purposes. For example, An Item Package would consist a set of items particular to it's category.
    Other Content Packages may include NPC, Weapons, Clothing, or Food.

  • Plugins
    Game Mods

    Modifications are essential as your game grows, we try to make things easier by selling modifications. These mods may adjust pre-existing elements of your game, or they may add totally new features. Regardless, their descriptions will include all the details needed.

  • Packages

    All games revolve around a theme, using Theme Packages turns your game from sci-fi to mafia, from magic to fantasy. It's as easy as that.

  • Complete

    Complete Games are games that are fully loaded with content, NPC's and other goodies. They are built on top of the GCK with pre-installed plugins, and modifications.

Some FAQ

  • 01

    What you release a new version of the plugin I've already bought?
    If you are familiar the Wordpress Plugin Updater System, then you understand how the GCK System works too, it's that simple.

  • 02

    Can I get help with Plugins?
    We offer help with all of the plugins. As they are one click installs with virtually no setup process, we can assure you that you will rarely need support in installation and configuration.

  • 03

    Does installing outside Plugins void anything?
    The GCK API isn't ready just yet, however, once the time comes for 3rd Party Installations to be a factor, we will make an announcement regarding those instances.